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6 Days out in Cumbria for animal lovers

Cumbria is one of the best places in the UK for getting in touch with your wild side. Once you’ve hiked your way through the mountains, and boated around a number of lakes, there are also plenty of fantastic opportunities to surround yourself with incredible animals and other wildlife. Cumbria has a whole host of incredible experiences at your fingertips that can let animal lovers discover something new or fall even further in love with their favourite species.  

Meet the Meerkats at Lake District Wildlife Park

A glorious 25 acres of wildlife a stone's throw from Bassenthwaite lake, the Lake District Wildlife Park offers you the chance to get up close and personal with an array of animals. Whether you want to watch a lively lemur climb a rope or see a bird of prey go through the paces, there’s something for everyone at the wildlife park. They also offer a number of experiences to get you truly up close and personal with the animals, including meeting the meerkats, lemur encounters and alpaca walking.  

Become a Zoo Keeper at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis

You’ll find the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis in Milnthorpe. Combining a little zoo with a museum, the wildlife oasis is all about conservation. Priding themselves in their partnerships with conservation and breeding schemes they offer a number of slightly more hands on experiences.  While you can simply visit and take in the wildlife, from the snow leopards to the molluscs, they also offer the chance for you to become a zookeeper for the day. You can shadow a zookeeper and get your hands dirty, helping them care for the animals. They also offer a junior zookeeper experience too!  

See the Bottom of Windermere at the Aquarium of the Lakes

You’ll find the Aquarium of the Lakes at the southern tip of lake Windermere, at the Lakeside Pier. You can even arrive by boat if you want to make it a truly nautical experience. It’s also accessible by train, so is the ideal day out if you don’t have a car. The aquarium itself showcases marine wildlife from all over the globe. With tanks showing marina animals and fish from the Americas, Asia, Africa and many others. There’s also a tunnel that recreates Windermere itself and lets you see what it would be like at the bottom of England’s largest lake.  

Watch Falcon Displays at Lakeland Bird of Prey Center

Located near Lowther castle, the Lakeland Bird of Prey Center is tucked away in a scenic walled garden. With over 150 different birds of prey, from hawks to falcons and eagles, there’s a myriad of birds to see. Every day between 2 and 4 the birds are flown and you can come watch incredible falconry displays.  

Spot a Black Grouse at RSPB Geltside

Encompassing two hill farms in the north Penines, RSPB Geltside is a must see for avid birdwatchers. Take one of the many nature trails through the reserve and spend time spotting some of the UK’s most interesting birds. The stars of the show at RSPB Geltside are Band Owls, Black Grouse, Curlews and Lapwings, but there’s sure to be more to spot. With educational facilities and refreshments available on site, it’s an excellent place to spend a relaxed day. Whatever animals you love, Cumbria has something that you’ll enjoy. If you’re looking for a nature-based day out then it’s truly an excellent place to visit, so get planning your Lake District holiday today and get yourself even closer to nature.

Arts and Crafts Activities Near Silverdale

Silverdale and the surrounding area is a particularly beautiful part of the country, so it makes sense that many people would feel inspired by the incredible scenery that provides the backdrop for this little corner of the world. There are a number of different activities you can get stuck into, or places you can visit if you want to bring out your arty side, when you visit the area. So, if you are planning out your trip, make sure to add these to your list.  

Silverdale and Arnside Art and Craft Trail

Arranged by members of the community, the Silverside and Arnside Art and Craft Trail is an event that brings local artists together to exhibit their pieces across different venues throughout the area. This is a great way to explore some of the local area alongside seeing the best of local artists. Make sure to bring your wallets and purses as you are sure to want to pick up a piece or two! This year, the event will take place from the 26th-28th June.  

Wolf House Gallery

Based in Silverdale, Wolf House Gallery is a gallery and studio run by mother and daughter artist duo, Janice McGloine and Bells Scambler. The gallery exhibits the unique work of the two artists including one fantastic piece that depicts our very own restaurant, The Royal Silverdale. Both artists are inspired by the local area so you’ll be able to see plenty of pieces that show off just how beautiful this part of the country is.  

Brewery Arts Centre

The town of Kendal is home to the Brewery Arts Centre, a venue which offers a range of artistic activities, whether there’s a film being shown, live music, an art exhibition or even a comedy show. The centre has so much to offer that it makes a trip to Kendal truly worth it. You can even sit down for a great meal and enjoy a few drinks in the restaurant so you can make a day of it.  

PottyRoo’s Paint Your Own Pottery 

This is a great activity for the kids, especially if they have an arty streak. At PottyRoo’s in Morecambe, you can paint your own pottery, choosing from a whole range of items. This is suitable for all ages, so you might just find that it offers a fun day for the grownups as well as the kids. Best of all, you get to take something home with you to show off your creative skills, and the kids can earn a sense of satisfaction at creating something and having fun while doing it.   Silverdale and the surrounding area is the perfect place to get in touch with your arty side. With such beautiful surroundings, you may just find the inspiration you need to get creative. Best of all, plenty of artists have found their inspiration here so you’ll have no end of arty and crafty places to visit. At Holgates Cottage Collection, you’ll find the perfect base from which to explore the local area and find all the creative spots in the village and beyond. Take a look at our availability and make a booking for a cottage holiday in Silverdale today.  

5 Reasons Why a Holiday Cottage is Perfect for a Couple’s Getaway

When you’re planning your next escape from the doldrums of day-to-day life, it may seem obvious to look at jetting off abroad on another city break, or for a week on a beach somewhere else in the world, but we believe that there’s no better break than a holiday cottage for a young couple. So get yourself a brew, get comfy and see why a holiday cottage is perfect for a couple’s getaway.

Spend some quality one-on-one time together

There’s nothing like a bit of privacy and space to really help you spend quality time together as a couple. Whether you’re a new couple just getting to know each other, or have been together for years, having the run of a holiday cottage can really help. A hotel room often feels a little cramped, and like you don’t truly have the privacy you desire. A holiday cottage could be the perfect setting to help you keep the flame alive, or light a new fire.

Get some much needed downtime with true home comforts

Escaping from your everyday life is even better when it actually still includes some home comforts. Being able to relax in a cosy armchair with a cup of tea beside the fireplace, but still knowing you’re miles from home and your responsibilities is a wonderful thing to experience. It still gives you a chance to relax and unwind, giving you the downtime you need from a break, but having the home comforts a hotel can’t provide can give you a chance to properly relax.  

Whip up a romantic meal

Being confined to only eating in a hotel restaurant can be limiting. A cottage offers you the chance to have your own kitchen and whip up something home cooked while you’re away. There’s something particularly great about going out for a day of hiking or sightseeing and coming back to a hearty meal you’ve cooked up in your own cottage, or when you’ve had a true lazy day and done nothing but batten down the hatches and bake or cook. You can even cook up something special and have a cosy romantic evening in with a bottle of wine, just the two of you. Of course, you will want somebody else to cook for you while you’re away at least once, so it’s lucky that you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy a delicious meal at our neighbouring pub The Royal  

Escape the city and explore

Holiday cottages can really bring you true peace and quiet. They can help you escape the hustle and bustle of a city and explore a whole new part of the country. True seclusion gives you a chance to shut yourself off from the noise, and take life at a different pace. This means you can find spots for romantic picnics, stunning sunsets and scenic hikes. Use the slower pace to share some new experiences or try out something you don’t have the time to do at home, like playing a board game, finishing a puzzle or reading a book cover to cover in one sitting.  

Holiday cottages for couples near the Lake District

The Holgates Cottage Collection is ideal for couples looking to for a romantic getaway, with carefully planned cottages perfectly placed near the Lake District in picturesque Silverdale. Come and explore the beautiful surroundings or unwind in your comfortable cottage. You’ll even get complimentary access to leisure facilities at Holgates Holiday Park in Silverdale.