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3 Reasons to Choose a Holiday Cottage in North Lancashire in 2020

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about those holidays and weekend getaways that you want to plan for the coming year. Whether you’ve got a special occasion coming up in 2020 or you are just thinking of taking some time away for a relaxing break, a getaway to one of our holiday cottages in North Lancashire would be just perfect. So if you’re considering your destination, here are just a few reasons to choose one of our holiday cottages.


The Perfect Location

North Lancashire has a lot to offer as a holiday destination, with excellent links to big nearby major cities as well as beautiful natural surroundings right on our doorstep. The Lake District is just a short drive from our cottages so you can take a daytrip to one of the most beautiful parts of the world easily.

If you don’t fancy the drive, you can always stay close to home and enjoy some of the local sights. Arnside & Silverdale is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so you’ll be able to walk around the local area and take in some of the most beautiful views just outside of our holiday cottages.


Luxurious Accommodation

All of our holiday cottages are stylishly decorated and furnished and feature all of the home comforts you could possibly want. With comfortable and cosy living spaces and bedrooms as well as fully equipped kitchens, you’ll get the ease and comfort of being at home but the luxury of a proper holiday.

Our cottages benefit from a range of features including log burners, king-sized beds, en-suite bathrooms and private gardens. Whatever time of year you visit, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the facilities, sitting in front of the log fire in winter or sunning yourself in the private garden in the summer.


No Need to Spend a Fortune

Just because you’re booking a holiday doesn’t mean that it needs to break the bank. In fact, if you choose one of our holiday cottages, you’ll be able to enjoy a particularly cost-effective holiday, leaving you with more money to spend on exploring the local area or going out for meals.

Not only are you likely to save money on accommodation, you can also save money on typical holiday activities as you’ll be able to take advantage of the fully-fitted kitchen, the proximity to plenty of free or reasonably priced attractions, and the luxurious home away from home which will tempt you to spend evenings in!


There are plenty of reasons why a Holgates holiday cottage is perfect for your 2020 holiday, but if you’re not quite convinced yet, just take a look at our selection of cottages you could book. You can check their availability and book your stay online, or if you would like to find out a bit more or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help.

Why Choose a Self-Catering Holiday in Silverdale?

Are you thinking of visiting Silverdale in the near future? There are plenty of reasons that we think that this beautiful area should be top of your staycation destination list. From its incredible surroundings, ideal location for those looking to explore the Lakes and beyond and more, why wouldn’t you want to stay in such a perfect place?

Self-catering gives you full control over your holiday. All too often, accommodation with set meals can offset your daily plans, especially when food is included in the price you pay to stay.

So, why is a self-catering cottage holiday perfect if you’re looking to stay in Silverdale?


Save Money

By being in charge of your own budget for food, you can spend as little or as much as you want to when you choose to self-cater.

As mentioned above, accommodation that includes meals such as breakfast will adjust their prices of a stay to accommodate this, meaning that, if you’re not someone who likes eating breakfast, for example, you’ll be paying out money for a meal you won’t be eating.

Self-catering gives you the control to decide what, if and when you eat without additional charges to cover meals you won’t be enjoying! Go to the local shop and buy your favourite produce at prices you know you can afford and create meals that you know you’ll enjoy for less!


Plan Your Own Schedule

Being on the edge of the Lake District, we see a lot of walking enthusiasts in the Silverdale area who are up and raring to take on some of the most famous walks at the crack of dawn. This often means getting up and out before many hotels and B&B’s even start serving breakfast.

On the other hand, there are those people who enjoy relaxing and having a lie-in while they’re on holiday, often missing designated breakfast times in order to get a few more hours sleep. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could balance it all?

With self-catering, you can. Wake up when you want, cook your food when you want and enter and leave at whatever time you wish. What’s more, you can eat in complete comfort and privacy for that home from home feeling! It’s your holiday, after all - why should you be constrained by time restrictions beyond your control?


Eat What YOU Want

Food is a very personal thing and when on holiday, why shouldn’t you be able to eat what you want? Whether you have food allergies, specific diets or just like being able to make your own food,  being able to eat something you enjoy should be expected while on holiday.

By choosing a self-catering holiday, you’ll be able to have anything you want to eat, whenever you want it. Fancy cake for breakfast at 11 am? Why not! Have a favourite sandwich filling that you know won’t be available anywhere? Make it yourself and enjoy it!

By having the freedom to eat what you want to, we guarantee that you’ll enjoy your holiday more! After all, where’s the fun in settling for a meal that you know you don’t want but is the only thing on the menu that you’d like?

If you’re self-catering, you also have the freedom to explore the local area and sample some of the wonderful food on offer in the local pubs and restaurants, too.

We’d love for you to join us at The Royal for a meal during your stay, where we serve freshly cooked dishes made with the finest seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.


Here at Holgates, we have a wide range of self-catering holiday cottages available in the heart of Silverdale, giving you the opportunity to have the best holiday possible with everything in your control - especially your food choices!

If you’d like more information on any of our holidays, cottages and more, please feel free to get in touch with our team today or check availability on our website.

Why a Holiday Cottage With a Log Fire Makes a Great Winter Break

Winter is a great time to gather the family or round up a few friends and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a cottage holiday. Whether you’re getting together to celebrate the festive season, a special occasion, or you’re just looking for an opportunity to get together, this is the perfect time to get away for a few days. At Holgates Cottage Collection, we have a selection of fantastic cottages that will be perfect for your time away, largely due to the great features of the cottages which have been decked out with everything you could want for a getaway in the countryside.  One of these features is a log fire which will make your break just a little more perfect. Here are just a few reasons why:   

Warming Winter Feeling

When the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, what could be better than settling in for the evening in front of a roaring log fire? This is the perfect way to get into the winter mood and would offer the perfect opportunity to sit down on the sofa, wrapped up warm with a glass of mulled wine and a festive film on the television. Cut off from the business of your everyday life, this is a perfect way to unwind and relax, especially around Christmas time.  

Romantic Evenings In

Forget about taking the family or friends with you and enjoy a romantic getaway, just the two of you. Is there anything more romantic than sitting in front of a crackling log fire with that special someone in your life?  Our cottages are designed with a stylish touch that will help you to relax and enjoy a romantic evening warming by the fire so you can enjoy the company of one another and forget about the outside world, even if it’s just for a little while.  

Perfect for Walking Holidays

Silverdale and the surrounding area is perfect for walking and enjoying the great outdoors. Sadly, however, we can’t always guarantee that you’ll be treated to glorious sunshine, especially at this time of year!  When you stay in one of our cottages with a log fire, however, you’ll have the perfect place to warm up again after a day out walking, especially if it’s been wet and cold. You could even take a dip in the bath before settling down in front of a hot fire, listening to the relaxing spitting and crackling of the flames There are so many reasons why our holiday cottages are absolutely perfect for a winter break, whether you decide to take family or friends, or just whisk yourselves away for a romantic getaway.    Our holiday cottages with log fires (Pepper Pot, Cove Lodge and The Knott) add a little luxury to your time away, so why not treat yourself this winter with a little respite in this beautiful part of the country? Take a look at our holiday cottages and their features and availability to choose the perfect one for your winter break, or contact a member of our team to find out more.  

Why Renting a Holiday Cottage is Better Than a Hotel

Most of us are used to simply booking a hotel whenever we’re away, whether it’s for a couple of nights for a full week or two, but renting out a holiday cottage is often a much better alternative, especially if you’re going to be visiting for a while. And when your holiday cottage is located right on the doorstep of the Lake District and North Lancashire, it makes even more sense! Here are some of the reasons why we believe renting out your own holiday cottage is a much smarter alternative than a hotel room for your next trip away.  


The price is obviously one of the most important things that people take into account when looking for a place to stay, especially if you’re travelling with the family. While people often assume that hotels are always cheaper than holiday cottages, this isn’t necessarily always the case. Especially if you’re looking at a longer stay, you should be able to find cottages which are of a similar price to a hotel room, if not cheaper in some cases. Staying at a holiday cottage is especially cost-effective if you’re travelling in a larger group. Not only are you spreading the cost between more people, but you’ll save money by occasionally cooking your own meals. If you would like to eat out in the area, why not read our post on the best pubs and restaurants in Arnside?  

Better for Families

Travelling with a young family can sometimes be a challenge, but having your own holiday cottage can help to make things that little bit easier. As mentioned, being able to cook your own meals is a huge bonus, as you can cater to your children’s specific tastes and not have to worry about them being picky eaters if you were heading out for food. Older kids will also have their own space away from mum and dad where they can relax if they want to, and if you have younger children, you can sit in the living area and chill out after you’ve put the kids to bed in their own rooms.  

More Relaxed

Staying in your own holiday cottage is a much more laidback affair and really allows you to immerse yourself in the local community of wherever it is that you’re staying. Especially if you’re staying for a long period of time, you can really settle in and make the cottage your home for the week.  As well as cooking your own meals you’ll have all the other amenities from home that you’re used to, like a washing machine and dryer, private bed and bathrooms and an outdoor area to sit and have a BBQ (weather permitting!). Overall, the pace is just a lot more chilled out at a holiday cottage and you’ll actually feel comfortable just relaxing at home, much more than you would do in a tiny hotel room.  


On top of this, it’s nice just to have your own space, where you know that you won’t be disturbed. While some people won’t enjoy the lack of room service, housekeeping or concierge, for others, the idea of being left completely alone for the week sounds like bliss! You also won’t have any noisy neighbours to worry about. Holiday cottages are also much larger than standard hotel rooms, so even within the cottage, you’ll be able to get a little time to yourself if you wish.  

Home Comforts

Often, it’s the little things that make a holiday cottage really feel like home, rather than anything flashy. Simple things such as having normal cutlery and your own dining table to sit down and eat at, or being able to sit down in your dressing gown on the sofa and watch Netflix all help to make a holiday cottage feel a million miles away from a hotel room. But don’t just take out word for it! To find out the joys of renting your own holiday cottage here in Silverdale, be sure to check out our collection of cottages here at Holgates.

Book your May Bank Holiday getaway … in our brand new Holiday Cottage on Hollins Farm!

As the Easter Bank Holiday draws to an end, you may be feeling the back-to-work blues. However, you won't be feeling down for long, as May has not one ... but two bank holiday weekends! This is the perfect time to discover our self-catered holiday cottages, including 'Hollins Cottage' the latest addition to Holgates Cottage Collection; located on Hollins Farm.

Hollins Cottage officially opens on Friday 3rd May, and is available to reserve now!

Whilst we all wish for the stunning weather we have experienced this weekend there are no guarantees, making our holiday cottages the perfect choice as you can have a fantastic time no matter the weather! Only an hour from the Lake District, our holiday cottages are perfect for a family get together, or a relaxing couples retreat. You are bound to find something that suits your taste from our variety of 2 and 3 bed cottages, all located in and around Silverdale. To find out more about our individual cottages, and book your stay throughout the year, simply explore our website.   

Bank Holiday Availability:

May Day Bank Holiday (3rd - 6th May)
  • NEW! Hollins Cottage - Our newest cottage, sleeping up-to 6 people in the heart of our working farm. Hollins Cottage is pet friendly!
  • Cove Lodge - The perfect country escape, sleeping up-to 4 people. Cove Lodge is pet friendly!
Spring Bank Holiday (24th - 27th May)
  • NEW! Hollins Cottage - Our newest cottage, sleeping up-to 6 people in the heart of our working farm. Hollins Cottage is pet friendly!
  • The Pepper Pot - Located in the heart of Silverdale village, sleeping up-to 4 people.
All of our holiday cottages are open 12 months of the year, find a break that works around you with our availability checker!

Silverdale: Gateway to the Lake District

Recognised as a World Heritage Site in 2017, the Lake District is an incredible destination that is gaining in popularity. Currently welcoming over 15 million visitors each year, it makes you wonder if the Lake District is the best choice when seeking a relaxing break? Read more to discover how Silverdale is the perfect location if you are looking to explore the English countryside, including the Lake District, whilst also returning from your break away feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The Lake District (60 minutes from Silverdale)

The Lake District is England’s largest National Park, home to some truly stunning wildlife, extraordinary mountains, beautiful lakes and quaint towns and villages; all contained within an area that covers 2,362 square kilometres. There is so much to see and do in the Lakes, meaning you definitely won't run out of steam if you visit more than once throughout your break away! Find out more about Silverdale and the surrounding areas, located roughly 15 miles from the Lake District, this could be the perfect place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life!


Located just off the Lancashire/Cumbria border, providing many coastal and country walks, Silverdale makes the perfect base for those wanting to be close to the Lake District, whilst eliminating the hassle and cost of staying there. Silverdale is just a stone’s throw away from the Lakes, meaning at has many of the same landscape features: rolling country hills, rich country fields as well as the added bonus of the north-western shore line wrapping around the village. Silverdale is one of the smallest Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and has a rich mixture of contrasting countryside, from salt marsh and mixed broadleaf woodlands to limestone cliffs and lush grasslands. Famous for its amazing wildlife and stunning scenery, Silverdale is ideal for quiet walks, where you can enjoy nature at its best.

RSPB Leighton Moss Nature Reserve (5 minutes from Silverdale)

Nearby Silverdale village is Leighton Moss nature reserve, made up of many diverse habitats including reeds, woodland and limestone grassland. It is proudly home to the largest reed bed in the North West and provides plentiful opportunities to discover the wildlife that lives here. Leighton Moss has facilities such as: a Visitor Centre, Shop, Cafe, Toilets and is also pushchair friendly; meaning all the family can enjoy a day out in the countryside.

Arnside Knott (3 minutes from Silverdale)

Providing exceptional views, Arnside Knott is attracts many birds and wildlife. With a summit of 159 metres, the views from Arnside Knott are breath-taking. Woodland encloses many of the slopes which were previously grazing land and the National Trust now takes care of the land, maintaining the patchwork of habitats. The hill is the perfect spot for a stroll, and also sits right next to Silverdale, just a ten-minute drive away, meaning you can round off a day of exploring with some food and drink from local businesses.

Carnforth (15 minutes from Silverdale)

Just a fifteen-minute drive from Silverdale, Carnforth is a town full of history. Home to the railway station where the most iconic scenes from Sir Davis Lean’s 1945 classic, Brief Encounter, were filmed. Here you can take your picture under the famous clock which featured so prominently in the film and enjoy a taste of days gone by in the faithfully replicated Refreshment Room. Also celebrating the towns historic roots, is the Carnforth Station Heritage Centre. Carnforth has plenty of small businesses such as Carnforth Bookshop, which stocks more than 100,000 second-hand books. You can also explore the great outdoors even more, with a visit to Warton Crag, which overlooks Carnforth and is ideal for hiking, climbing and abseiling.

Facilities at Holgates Silverdale

When you enjoy a stay in one of our cottages, you can expect nothing but the best from your well-deserved holiday. Whether you’re out and about enjoying the wonderous things to see and do around Silverdale, or if you choose to stay and enjoy some time in your chosen cottage, you can rest assured that everybody will be enjoying their holiday, as their is so much to see and do during your time here. All of our cottage breaks include use of the 5* facilities at our Silverdale holiday park – enjoy a swim in the pool or relax in the sauna, head to our fully fitted gym or go down to the bowling alley for a game with the whole family, additional charges apply for use of the bowling facilities. There’s no need to worry about the kids, either. Children are safe to roam with amenities on-site such as our games room, soft play area and two outdoor adventure playgrounds. With so much to see and do, in and out of the Lake District, Silverdale really is the perfect location for any type of holiday! Our cottages are available for weekend breaks, mini-breaks and for whole weeks if you prefer. Learn more about our self-catered cottages, providing to a range of needs including pet-friendly accommodation, free wifi and free off-road parking.

Introducing … Holgates Cottage Collection

Welcome to our brand new website, Holgates Cottage Collection, showcasing our range of self-catered holiday cottages that we have available for short breaks and extended holidays. We currently have three cottages in and around Silverdale, meaning you will be in holiday accommodation near the Lake District. Bookable Monday-Friday, Friday-Monday and by the week; our holiday cottages are perfect whether you seek a relaxing mini-break or an adventurous family-holiday. To celebrate the launch of Holgates Cottage Collection, we are giving away a FREE* mini-break in one of our cottages! All you need to do is 'like' and 'share' our Facebook post as well as 'like' our Facebook page (Holgates Caravan Parks). Terms and conditions apply, read more for further details. Terms and Conditions 1. The competition will run from 31st Jan to midnight 1st March 2019. Winner announced on 5th March on our Facebook page. 2. To enter, you must like and share the competition post on our Facebook page (Holgates Caravan Parks) See the original post here:  3. The promoter of this competition is Holgates Holiday Park (Registered in England No. 570598). 4. The competition is open to registered users of Facebook, aged 18 or over. Entrants using multiple Facebook accounts will not be counted. 5. Entries must comply with the terms and conditions of Facebook. 6. Each entrant agrees that they have independently developed and/or have the relevant authority/consent(s) to submit the entry and will not infringe the intellectual property or any other rights of any person. 7. Entries will not be accepted if deemed inappropriate or offensive. 8. There will be one winner. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the selection of the winning entries. 9. Holgates will notify the winner via a private Facebook message after the competition closing. The winner will be drawn at random by a member of the Holgates team. 10. The winners must provide their name, address, email address and contact telephone number and confirm that they are available to accept the prize. The winner has 7 days of being contacted to confirm they accept the prize, and agree the dates of their prize.  Holgates reserves the right to select another winner from the remaining entries. 11. By entering, entrants understand that they are providing their information to Holgates and not to Facebook. This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.  Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the promotion will be directed to Holgates, not Facebook. 12. The winners consent to Holgates announcing their name publicly as a prize winner, making copies of or publishing the whole or any part of the entry and otherwise exploiting the entry and any rights in relation to the entry for any purpose and without compensation. 13. Holgates reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time or offer a reasonable equivalent to the prize described. 14. Entries are excluded by employees of Holgates and its affiliates and any other persons or employees of companies associated with this Competition and members of the families and households of any such persons, are not eligible to enter this Competition. Any such entries will be invalid. 15. The winner may not exchange the prize for cash or other cash alternative. 16. Any additional extras requested must be paid for, excluding the £35.00 fee for bringing a pet to Cove Lodge. This is the only extra that will be honoured as part of the prize. 17. In accepting the prize, the prize winner accepts our visitor terms and conditions. 18. No cash alternative or change of dates, once agreed, are allowed. The prize on offer is a mini-break in one of our cottages, for 3 or 4 nights. All standard booking regulations apply, including check-in/check-out dates. The prize is only applicable to dates outside of school holidays. 19. Swimming passes must be used during the holiday stay only and includes entrance for max of 6 people. No cash alternative or refund for unused use.